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Aqua Blue Pet Urn - Medium Large
Aqua Blue Pet Urn Medium Large

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Aqua Blue Pet Urn, Medium Large Size:

This pet cremation urn is handblown in art glass in predominantly aqua, blue and emerald, and the sphere sits upon a brass ring shaped stand. The facets of the mosaic glass provide an inspiring effect when placed near a sunny window -- a constellation of lights are reflected into your room whenever the sun shines through. This urn will contain up to 47 cubic inches, to hold the ashes from a pet up to 47 pounds. The solid brass closure is highly polished for optional engraving.

Included are: a plastic liner bag with twist-tie, a velvet pouch and small ziplock pouch (for containing any small mementos one might like to place inside the sphere, such as tags, for example) and instructions for transferring the ashes into the urn.

Height 5.25"
Width 5"
Volume 47 cubic inches

Optional Engraving of Brass Closure
$50.00 Shipping Included

Optional Memorial Engraving

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