Cremation Urns, Keepsake Memorials, Cremation Jewelry and Pet Urns from Canada
Canadian Funeral Urns and Memorial Keepsakes to Inspire Loving Memories

Urns for Ashes and Cremation Memorials from Canada

The loss of a loved one is a devastating life event, and the comfort we find comes in the form of love and support from our family and friends. At Cremation Urns by Legacy, we also believe there can be a measure of solace found by memorializing your loved one with a beautiful resting place or keepsake. We have endeavoured to curate in our web store a collection of cremation urns and memorial keepsakes that are second to none in artistry, inspiration, and uniqueness.

Exceptional Offerings

We have created this discerning array of funerary products to include handmade Funeral Urns and Keepsakes, Cremation Pendant Jewellery, Infant Urns, Child Urns, and Memorial Pet Urns of the highest standards of artistry and craftsmanship. This collection is provided to help your family create a thoughtful and unique memorial to your loved one that will inspire loving memories now and into the future. Our Urns are made in various patterns and colours, one of which we hope you'll find fitting for your loved one's unique spirit. Our Memorial Keepsakes are smaller vessels, for sharing the ashes among family members, or for keeping only a portion of the ashes in the case where a scattering ceremony is the family's decision. Our sterling jewellery pendants are offered to those who wish to keep a very small portion of their loved one's ashes close to their heart. Pet parents will be able to find comfort in creating a small artistic memorial to their faithful companion. The most tragic of losses is that of an infant or child, and it is our hope that creating a beautiful small infant urn memorial may help with healing this terrible loss over time.

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We offer free ground shipping to anywhere in Canada, and we supply insurance for our products while in transit. We also have low-cost express shipping options offered during checkout, if more immediate delivery is required.

Other Services

It is our privilege to assist bereaved families by supplying helpful links to such topics as questions about the required size of an urn, finding funeral, cemetery and cremation services, grief counseling, pre-need life insurance, and other funeral related matters. We also offer a free, printable Funeral Planning Worksheet, in our Funeral Planning section - this worksheet lets you easily record all the information that will be necessary upon your death, as well as your funeral preferences, to alleviate your family's need to gather personal details and make decisions when they are emotionally distressed.

We consider it our honour to offer this curated collection of beautiful adult funeral urns, infant urns, keepsakes, cremation jewelry and pet urns. We are available through email and telephone for advice, assistance or any guidance you may need during this most difficult time. Many of our customers from across Canada have expressed their gratitude not only for our exceptional products, but for our quality of service.

We sincerely hope you will find a measure of comfort in memorializing your loved one with a beautiful urn or keepsake.

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