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Gold Columbarium Niche Urn
Gold Aurene Niche Urn

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Gold Cremation Niche Urn:
Designed to fit within a 12" high Columbarium Niche, this kind of iridescent art glass was first made by the houses of Tiffany, Steuben, and Loetz at the turn of the last century. The iridescence shimmers, and is sometimes called Gold Aurene glass, due to its reflective aura. This urn is artist-signed, and sized for a columbarium niche with an interior height of 12". Included are: Velvet Pouch for containing mementos, Liner Bag and High-performance Sealing Silicone.

Height: 10 3/4"
Width: 8 1/4"
Volume: 200 cubic inches, sized for a healthy weight of up to 200 pounds

This funeral urn is hand made, and signed by the artist. Any slight variations in color/dimension are the desirable earmarks of the glass blowing process.

Gold Glass Mini Urn Gold Keepsake Urn - Small Gold Glass Cremation Urn
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$2,250.00 Shipping Included

Gold Mini Urn Keepsake Gold Keepsake Urn Small Gold Aurene Cremation Urn

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