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Here is a selected list of some of our customers’ comments about the cremation urns and keepsakes they have received from among the artistic urns in our web store:

"I just received the urn for our latest furbaby, Monty. I just wanted to thank you and Barbara for the beautiful urns that you create. This was our third baby that passed and the third urn that we ordered from you. So heartbreaking but brings a smile to my face when I see their resting place in our cabinet." JL, Calgary, Alberta

"Lovely Keepsake. I cherish my little heart keepsake - it means so much to me, my mum was an artist and she loved Klimt. I had it engraved on the back. Beautiful to hold & remember her." RR, Toronto, Ontario

"I feel comforted to know that my mother's ashes are being honored within the most beautiful art glass I have ever seen. The spirit of the glass and the spirit of my dear mother have blended to become an awesome celebration of her life." LS, Butte, Montana

"I was looking for an urn for my mother and when I saw this one, there it was, the RIGHT urn." SM, Edgewood, New Mexico

"The urn is absolutely beautiful, and is exactly what I need to see every day to make me smile the way he did. My heart has a little more peace." DP, Cedar Creek, Texas

"My urn is so beautiful, I want to have it as a piece of art in my home until it’s needed as an urn." JM, Cranbrook, British Columbia

"This is the most beautiful urn I've ever seen. It is a gorgeous art piece as well, well worth the cost." (Anonymous name and location)

"I love the urn! Thank you sooo much!" MG, Seattle, Washington

"Just beautiful. Yours are some of the most beautiful cremation urns to be found anywhere." PB, San Diego, California

eautiful. So happy to have found a smaller urn, my mother only weighed 150 lbs.. Victoria, British Columbia

"The urn is beautiful and exactly what we wanted. Everyone said it sparkles like she did." TG, Fairfax, Virginia

"Thank you for the amazing customer service, and the sphere is absolutely gorgeous!" JO, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"My search for an artistic urn for my columbarium niche has ended. Thanks to you." RC, Kingston, Ontario

"Thank you very much. The urn is beautiful!" SK, Schaumburg, Illinois

"I just wanted to let you know that we received the urn earlier this week. It is really beautiful and perfect ... we appreciate so much your care and kindness." AN, Houston, TX

"EXCELLENCE in quality and customer service. The urn is BEAUTIFUL and the seller herself makes the transaction so pleasant you forget for awhile how your heart is aching for your loss. The Blue Heaven urn is absolutely stunning and sparkles like a true star scape. I highly recommend it, and I highly recommend Cremation Urns by Legacy." GH, San Leandro, CA

"My father's urn is so beautiful and of a very high quality. My father was one of a kind, I couldn't put his ashes in an ordinary urn because he was more than that, he was unique just like Cremation Urns by Legacy's urns." CL, London, England

We would be very grateful to hear your thoughts about our artistic cremation urns, keepsakes, cremation jewelry and pet cremation urns. The simplest way to make a testimonial is to review the item you have received. Simply go to the urn or keepsake in our web store, and at the very bottom of the page is a link to "Post a REVIEW of this product". For privacy, you may wish to post only your initials instead of your full name, and your location.

Another way to comment on our products is to go to our
Blog, and post your comments at the bottom of any of the articles there. In particular, we would appreciate knowing how your funeral urn or keepsake product played a part in a Funeral or Memorial Service, or with a scattering ceremony where a small portion of the ashes are sealed in a keepsake urn. Our readers may then benefit from the experiences you can relate about what has helped you through the grieving and healing process. This blog is intended to serve in two ways. It is a forum for sharing feelings and ideas about coping with the loss of a loved one, with the goal of promoting healing. And it is also meant as a simple way to publish your reviews of our cremation urn products for the benefit of other bereaved families.

We invite you to post your thoughts and comments about our artistic cremation urns, and your experience in grieving and healing, either by posting a Review at the bottom of the product page, or on our Blog, or simply emailing us at service@cremationurnsbylegacy.ca with your comments.

Your personal customer experience and opinion are of the greatest importance to us. Because we believe in healing through beauty, we have made it our goal to promote the process of grieving and eventual healing, and we sincerely hope you will share your thoughts and opinions with our other readers who are also in search of that perfect artistic cremation urn. Many thanks.