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Pink Sunset Keepsake Urn Medium Small Pink Sunset Keepsake Urn - Medium Small

Pink Sunset Keepsake Urn, Medium Small Size:

This enchanting sphere keepsake urn is handmade in art glass, and nests atop its brass ring-shaped stand. The mosaic glass is mostly deep pink and pink-purple, with small touches of medium purple, gold, amber, green and blue. The mosaic facets create an uplifting effect of reflecting a star field of lights throughout the room, when placed near a sunlit window or under a halogen light. This urn holds up to 27 cubic inches, to hold the cremains from 27 lbs of healthy weight. The solid brass closure is mirror-polished to provide an area for engraving name, dates, and a few memorial words.

Included are: a plastic liner bag and twist-tie, a velvet pouch and a small ziplock pouch for putting any mementos one may wish to include in the sphere, and instructions for transferring the ashes.

Height 4.75 "
Width 4.25"
Volume 27 cubic inches

$200.00 Shipping Included