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Pewter Urn On Sale Quilted Stars Extra Large Urn - On Sale

Quilted Stars Urn, Extra Large, with Small Flaws:
This urn is made in brass, with a pewter finish and high quality cubic zirconia at the intersections of the quilt pattern. Its capacity is extra large, 300 cubic inches, which will hold the ashes of a person whose healthy weight was up to 300 lbs.
This urn is discounted because it has a few surface flaw marks, which are discolorations in the pewter and/or scuff marks that are visible when seen close-up. Please see the 2nd photo. There is a screw-in, engravable solid brass Closure at the bottom, through which the ashes are to be transferred. Please see the 3rd photo.
This urn is designed to fit within a columbarium niche, or on a shelf space, or in a china cabinet with an interior height restriction of 10".

Included are: Velvet Pouch for mementos, Liner Bag for lining the urn vessel, and High-performance Permanent Sealing Silicone.

Height 9.25"
Width 6"
Depth 6"
Volume 300 cubic inches, sized for an adult up to 300 pounds

$495.00 Shipping Included
$495.00 Shipping Included
$250.00 Shipping Included
Savings: $245.00